Montessori Children’s School of Wenatchee

Parent and Alumni Voices

The education our daughter received through Montessori Children’s School, LLC, was outstanding. We were familiar with the Montessori setting, and knew the school was using the fundamental model of true Montessori education. Now in Elementary School, our daughter often requests to go back to MCS because “learning was fun.” We also loved the work habits and social ethics she established, and through the school’s commitment to community, we made lifelong friends with several families. I recommend MCS to anyone I know with young children and am so glad we chose this school for our daughter; it gave her the building blocks to learning in a way no other school could compare. We are proud to be MCS alumni!
~ Jennifer and Travis Dolge

My daughter just flourished in Montessori Children’s School, LLC. It would have been so easy to use a program that didn’t hold fast to the needs of our child with their schedule and true Montessori following, but I am so very grateful that we did. This school provided education, community, growth, development and authentic caring. My daughter is in public school now, third grade, and loves to learn, read, and do math. Her teachers report that she has kind and respectful social skills – all thanks to Montessori Children’s School, LLC. The focus on the whole child in a safe, respective, caring and appropriate environment is bar none. It was hilarious to hear her say “That is not appropriate so I chose not to do that” at age FOUR! Further, as a parent, I was gently guiding in letting my child develop and giving her more responsibility than I realized she was capable of handling. It made me a much better parent and the results are quite telling. What a blessing Debora Abbott-Nuckolls and her staff are. We miss them!!
~ Janel Duffy

Our family has had the good fortune of sending our two children to the Montessori Children’s School of Wenatchee, LLC. When our son first attended the School, as parents we were unaware of the capabilities of a three year old. However, within days, the Head of School, Debora Abbott-Nuckolls enlightened us. We immediately integrated many of the school’s practices in our home and watched our son flourish. Our appreciation for the School has only grown. Our son has moved on to elementary school, but our daughter currently attends. Even before she went to the School, she had learned an incredible amount merely by observing what our son had learned at the School.

Mrs. Abbott-Nuckolls is committed to excellence. Her background and education, along with decades of teaching experience in the Montessori Method ensure that our children are getting an excellent education. Each year Mrs. Abbott-Nuckolls participates in Montessori courses and conferences to enhance her Montessori knowledge. Our children have flourished in the healthy, supportive environment found at the School.

While attending the School, our children have learned values and have grown in compassion for others in our community and world. The School has exposed our children to the rich and diverse cultures around the globe and the importance of respecting others. Our children have learned how to appropriately communicate with others, how to teach their younger classmates and guide their fellow students in the acquisition of acceptable social skills.

One hope for our children is that they become leaders and role models. The lessons they learn at the School have helped instill confidence in their abilities to be self-directed learners and developed their capacity to care for and support others.

Many of our friends, adolescent children, have attended the School over the years.
We have been impressed how their children have flourished and become leaders in their current academic and social endeavors.
~ Patrick and Karen Pleas

I am writing to let other parents who are considering sending their children into your care and school, about our family’s experience. After going to observe your school, we decided to send our son there, starting at age 2 ½. Two years later, his younger sister followed. They are now ages 16 and 14, respectively. They are both exceedingly high-performing students, which we attribute in no small part to their Montessori roots. They are self-directed learners. They think outside the box. They are inquisitive. They are explorers. Our children both looked forward to going to school every day, and both formed a special bond with all of their teachers, but especially and forever with Mrs. Abbott-Nuckolls. Questions were encouraged, entertained and answered, even the one prompted by our then 5-year old son telling Mrs. Abbott-Nuckolls that his chicken produced an egg from her uterus. Does a chicken have a uterus? By the end of the day and after some research, our son was vindicated: Yes.

Our decision to send our children to your school was quite honestly one of the most important decisions we have made as parents. It was important not only for what you taught our children, but what you taught us. My husband and I learned more from our children’s Montessori education than we did from reading any parenting book. To this day, all of our dishes, cups and silverware are at knee level, even though our children are now as tall as we are. And to this day, our children do plenty of “work” around the house.

I continue to, without hesitation, tell all parents of young children that I know that they “must send you children to Montessori Children’s School!
~ Judith Lurie

Our granddaughter, Sarah Kaster, attended The Montessori Children’s School, LLC in Wenatchee from the time she was toilet trained thru kindergarten.

Sarah not only learned what one would expect of a preschool but she also learned the value of interaction with others not only her peers but adults as well. She learned self-sufficiency, self-control and independence. Table manners were a byproduct as the children sat for lunch or break. When she entered first grade she was fully prepared for a public school and was already at a reading level far beyond the first grade. Today Sarah is a sophomore at UCLA further preparing herself for her future.

It is often said that a teacher makes a difference, a mentor. Debora Abbott-Nuckolls is that type of teacher.

Had we another grandchild we would have wanted her to go to this Montessori School.
~ Dick Baskin

My seven year old daughter, Jayna, attended Montessori Children’s School from the age of three. I truly owe her love for school, her inquisitive sense of adventure and most importantly her kind nature to the Montessori educational approach. Debora Abbott-Nuckolls is devoted to ensuring children learn constructively and have the freedom to move in the classroom in a way that encourages development and self-discovery. This past summer we moved to Houston, TX and when learning that Jayna could continue her Montessori education we jumped at the opportunity. Jayna enjoys going to school and she thrives as a now second grader in a classroom composed of first, second and third graders. I’m grateful that when I was selecting a school Montessori Children’s School was an option. The journey has been absolutely wonderful and we feel very blessed to be a part of the Montessori family.
~ Jane Davis, MCS Parent 2010-2014