Montessori Children’s School of Wenatchee


Montessori Children’s School of Wenatchee, LLC has several school wide events and parent evenings designed to strengthen our school community. These events are a time for parents to come together, get to know one another and learn more about our Montessori community.

  • Let’s Get Acquainted Picnic
  • Smallwood’s School Gathering
  • Winter Holiday Celebration
  • Apple Valley Gymnastics Gatherings
  • “The Star Light Dance!”
  • Youth Parade
  • Primary Parent Evenings
  • Child/Parent Night in the classroom
  • Kindergartener’s Moving Up Ceremony and End of the Year Picnic

Research has shown active parent involvement is an indicator of student success. We welcome parents’ help with special projects, event planning, school beautification, material making, fundraising and so much more.

Attendance and participation in meetings and events help build our school community. Family participation is encouraged.

Our care of the children should be governed not by the desire to ‘make them learn things’, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence.

~ Dr. Maria Montessori