Montessori Children’s School of Wenatchee

About Montessori Children’s School of Wenatchee

Today, in our 3rd decade, we continue to offer North Central Washington *AMI Montessori Education. We are the first Montessori School in Wenatchee, to have a Teacher and Head of School trained by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Montessori Children’s School, LLC, continues to offer a high quality education to the children and families of North Central Washington. We are proud to offer a nurturing, non-competitive, multi-age classroom with an emphasis on social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Through our Primary class, Montessori Children’s School has prepared hundreds of children for lives of initiative and meaningful involvement in their community. At its core, the Montessori philosophy respects children as they are and creates carefully prepared classroom environments that foster the fulfillment of each child’s highest potential. Our Montessori teacher uses this dynamic educational approach to carefully observe and best meet the evolving developmental needs of each student. The three-year age span in our classroom also allows children to progress at their own intellectual pace, to learn individually and together, and to grow into social and emotional maturity naturally. *AMI – The Association Montessori International was founded by Dr. Maria Montessori to maintain the integrity of her life’s work and to ensure it would be perpetuated after her death. The AMI diploma is respected worldwide. It is the benchmark for quality, integrity and the authenticity of Montessori Education.
About Montessori Children’s School of Wenatchee

To stimulate life – and then leave it free to develop, to unfold. That is the task of the educator.

~ Dr. Maria Montessori

We Believe

  • The parents are the children’s first and most important teachers.
  • The classroom guide is a facilitator and guide enabling children to proceed toward their fullest potential.
  • The classroom guide has a responsibility to set reasonable guidelines and limits, within which children can be self directed.
  • Children need to know and respect others.
  • All people have inherent value and require the same basic necessities of life. They satisfy these needs in different ways.
  • We have a responsibility to use all of our resources wisely (natural, human, nutritional, financial, energy, classroom).
  • We have a responsibility to give back to our community.
We Believe

The child has one intuitive aim: his self-development. He desperately wants to develop his inner resources; his abilities to cope with a strange complex world. He wants to do and learn and see for himself and not through the eyes of an adult. The child who accomplishes this moves into harmony with the rest of his world. He becomes a full person.

~ Dr. Maria Montessori

Goals for the Children

  • To know the excitement of exploring and discovering.
  • To enjoy learning and display an eagerness to learn.
  • To feel free to question.
  • To learn to solve problems, to be able to concentrate and listen.
  • To learn the basic skills and concepts they will require on their life’s journey.
  • To see themselves as able to do many things.
  • To be responsible and able to make decisions and have respect for others.
  • To develop physically, mentally and emotionally at their own speed and capability.
  • To develop a healthy attitude and a zest for life.
Goals for the Children

The education of even a very small child does not aim at preparing them for school, but for life.

~ Dr. Maria Montessori

Primary Class - Ages 2 ½ to 6

At Montessori Children’s School of Wenatchee, LLC, children are discovering:
  • To care for themselves, for each other and the world around them.
  • To develop the skills and abilities necessary for continued success on their journey of life-long learning.
  • Work in mixed-age groups which honor individual differences and help build a strong sense of community. Not all children are ready to master skills and concepts at the same age.
  • Children learn to have a deep respect for themselves, others and all living things on earth.
  • They learn the materials and activities they use need to be handled with interest and confidence.
  • The bright and welcoming spaces in which they spend their days are beautifully prepared. All of the materials and activities are designed to intrigue them and guide them through basic educational concepts on their journey of self-construction.
Children thrive in Montessori Children’s School, LLC, because their developmental needs are consistently met and satisfied, enabling them to become joyful and successful lifelong learners.
Primary Class

Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.

~ Dr. Maria Montessori