The Three Year Cycle

Planes of Development

Dr. Montessori identified that every child goes through Planes of Development with a six year span, and a subset of three years. Each plane of development offers specific developmental opportunities and Montessori Children’s Schools, LLC three year program intends to meet those needs.

The community that is created through classroom relationships, the Montessori prepared environment and the Montessori curriculum which is designed in each three year cycle is what is meant by the phrase “Educating the Whole Child.” Due to all of these reasons, Montessori Children’s School, LLC, asks that a three-year commitment to the program and the school.

It is in the best interest of children and essential to the program that a three-year commitment is made. Each “cycle” provides the child with the consistency of the same teacher within the same classroom setting. It is central to this process that, over a three-year period, children have the opportunity to learn from each other and to solidify knowledge through their own teaching and sharing. The students benefit from the guidance of the same trained adult for the three years, while having the opportunity to grow from the experiences of being the youngest in the group, in the middle and then as the leaders.

The Rationale for the Three Year Attendance in a Montessori Program

Dr. Maria Montessori’s Early Childhood approach is based on her conception of the Absorbent mind. The years from 3-6 are one phase of growth with physical, intellectual and psychological characteristics common to this stage of development. Mixed age grouping honor individual differences and build community. Not all children are ready to master skills and concepts at the same age. This pedagogical method necessitates an educational approach with an extended time frame, within which, the individual child has room to grow at his/her own pace.

In accordance with this thinking a Montessori school program is sequential and meant to be experienced over a three to four year time span. A skillful well trained Montessori teacher *(AMI) is educated to continually assess a child’s progress and implement the appropriate lessons and activities to ensure their continued growth and development. Children thrive in Montessori schools because their developmental needs are consistently met and satisfied, enabling them to become joyful and successful lifelong learners.

The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.Dr. Maria Montessori

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