Admissions Process

Application Process for the Primary Class:

  1. Schedule a classroom observation.
    Classroom observation is one of the best ways to better understand the Montessori approach. We strongly recommend that both parents/caregivers (when applicable) make time for and observation. Observations are available in the morning, by appointment and take 30-45 minutes. We ask that adults make themselves fully available for this observation. Thus, we kindly request that you make arrangements for childcare off-site prior to your visit.
  2. Request an application or to be put on the potential enrollment pool list.
  3. Register
    Congratulations! Upon receipt of your signed enrollment form and registration fee, your child is fully enrolled and his/her place in the school is secured. Registration packets are issued to new and returning families before the start date of your child. The registration packet contains the necessary health forms, permissions and emergency medical information we are legally required to have on site for every child under our care.
  4. Phase-in & Orientation
    A phase-in schedule for your child will be developed by the Head of School and communicated during the registration process. This is a critical practice, common in most Montessori schools. This schedule ensures that each child settles full into the environment.

Please anticipate a flexible phase-in schedule during the first full week of school for your child, even if your child is enrolling in full-time care.

Once these steps are completed your family’s Montessori journey will truly begin!

We welcome you to Montessori Children’s School, LLC.

An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking: it involves the spiritual development of man, the enhancement of his value as an individual, and the preparation of young people to times in which they live.Dr. Maria Montessori
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