We Believe

  • The parents are the children’s first and most important teachers.
  • The classroom guide is a facilitator and guide enabling children to proceed toward their fullest potential.
  • The classroom guide has a responsibility to set reasonable guidelines and limits, within which children can be self directed.
  • Children need to know and respect others.
  • All people have inherent value and require the same basic necessities of life. They satisfy these needs in different ways.
  • We have a responsibility to use all of our resources wisely (natural, human, nutritional, financial, energy, classroom).
  • We have a responsibility to give back to our community.

The child has one intuitive aim: his self-development. He desperately wants to develop his inner resources; his abilities to cope with a strange complex world. He wants to do and learn and see for himself and not through the eyes of an adult. The child who accomplishes this moves into harmony with the rest of his world. He becomes a full person. Dr. Maria Montessori

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